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    Servicing all areas of the Central Coast. Unusual and difficult jobs are performed with ease using appropriate equipment and training. We are on time and clean up. Call For a free quote today, we service your area.

We are a leading central coast business specialising in tree removal, pruning, deadwooding, stumpgrinding, landscaping and horticultural consultancy.

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Tree Removal

When removing a tree our team of tree surgeons and ground staff use the appropriate equipment for the job. If the tree is 2 metres or 70 metres in height, we use a series of ropes, pulleys and lowering devices to ensure we get the tree removed with no damage to the property. We also can organise a crane for difficult sites. No matter if your job is easy or hard, trees big or small, we can manage them all.

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Stump Grinding

Once a tree is removed down to ground level we strongly recommend that the stump be grounded out. Our narrow stump grinder of only 760mm wide enables us to get into tight spots when necessary. Removal of the stump reduces the chance of termites.

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Not all trees need to be removed - there are a number of options one can consider to preserve the tree. We can crown lift the tree, which means removing the lower canopy, for example, to clear roofs. As with thinning or selective pruning, more light is allowed throughout the canopy whilst keeping the shape of the tree. This prevents branches from breaking due to excessive girth. Whilst trimming any trees, we will remove dead or diseased branches back to the appropriate fork or collar to Australian Standards. Letting more light within the tree will reduce pests and diseases.

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